Ziio was born from the creativity of Elisabeth Paradon, designer and founder of the brand.
Her jewels, created with semi-precious natural stones and silver, are entirely handmade, with an innovative technique, the result of an accurate and constant stylistic research. Ziio: a unique jewel: soft, resistant, fascinating.

Established in Milan, in the early ’90s, the designer has collaborated with important brands such as Missoni, Swatch, Christian Lacroix.

The world of fashion, Milano Vendemoda, PREMIERE Classe in Paris, has enthusiastically welcomed this unique work full of personality. The international buyers of Barneys, Bloomingdale, Harrods have promoted this unique brand.
Ziio has always won the hearts of many women: confident, independent, of every culture. Queen Rania of Jordan is the most illustrious example.

Ziio has been distributed for over 30 years in prestigious jewelry stores and selected boutiques around the world.
Today we are based in Lucca, in the beautiful Tuscan province.

bracelet with blue and purple stones

necklace and bracelet with multicored stones

necklace with multicored stones

necklace with gold and red stones

red earrings

necklace with white, gold and colored stones

three colored earrings with purple, green and red stones

multicolored jewelry with green, blue and orange stones

bracelet with colored stones

blue earrings, bracelets and jewels