It’s been for four generations (since 1896), Russo family is known as an expression of superior
craftsmanship and quality in the production of cameos, mounts, and precious stones. In 1896, Nunzio Russo
Sr. founded the first workshop in Naples, a city that still stands out for the charm and perfection of its
Since the ‘60s, this family tradition has been carried on by Renato and Nunzio Jr and, today, thanks to Marco
and Ciro Jr, the Company continues to grow by specializing in more and more refined frames blending in
tradition and innovation with outstanding design strictly Made in Italy.
In 2017, the Russo Academy was born to keep alive the tradition of cameo jewelry.
The beauty of an ancient technique, rooted in the territory and a passion handed down with tenacious
determination from father to son.
Thanks to the efforts of Marco and Ciro Jr, the cameo craft is being rediscovered in its solid roots, where the
courage to innovate is combined with a contemporary vision.
At the same time, innovation is in no way at the expense of its original forms and its own and inimitable
They always remain faithful to the traditional handmade cameo but, following the various current trends, they
give it new shapes to make it always up to date and fashionable.
In short, our jewels are a perfect fusion between innovation and tradition.
Jewels with cameos are unique due to the particularity linked to the details that make them unrepeatable.