Since 1976 Massa Gioconda has exported tradition and charm through high quality products in coral and turquoise.

It is known for its ability to enrich a woman’s elegance… its products encompassess the most fascinating shades of pink, red, salmon and turquoise colors.

Before turning them over to the hands of its expert artisans, who are among the best Italian maestri, all its materials are carefully selected.

The company is proud to have developed several important partnerships with famous international contemporary designers during the last years.

However, Massa Gioconda is not only coral and turquoise. Indeed, the company also has several years of experience in the art of carving shells (Cassis rufa and Cassis Madagascariensis) cameos.

Beauty is timeless and Massa Gioconda’s creations have the perfect balance of modernity and tradition.

golden paper knife with precious stones and pink rose

red coral statuette with golden details

red coral aquarium statuette with golden details

red coral necklace with precious stones and golden details

silver necklace with red pendants and precious stones

black necklace with red coral pendant

gold cammeo necklace with precious stones

blue earrings with precious stones

red earrings with precious stones

pink earrings with precious stones