EMMEPI has been working with the most prestigious jewelry brands for more than 40 years, offering a direct dialogue with the laboratory and a competitive quality/price ratio, with the guarantee of high-quality manufacture.

Today as yesterday, Emmepi always continues to produce new creations that reflect the corporate values: absolute privilege of Made in Italy craftsmanship, attention to details, spirit of innovation.

In 2005, Emmepi launched the brand PINOMANNA to get closer to its customers. PINOMANNA proposes jewelry collections with an eclectic character, constantly aiming at excellence coupled to originality in design.

Every creation, shaped in Valenza, is a limited-edition item, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, as unique as the person wearing it. Different styles for different needs: from design to classic and fashion jewelry, such as the flexible and modern rings, or the Pet Jewels collection, customized and inspired by customers’ dogs and cats.

With its private label service, Emmepi offers its clients a 360-degree service and the advantage to choose between more than 5000 already made models and a wide range of designs, depending on market’s demand.

golden necklace with cat-shaped pendant and precious stones

necklace with crab-shaped pendant and precious stones

silver necklace with octopus-shaped pendant on a big blue stone

silver spider jewel with precious stones

necklace with dog-shaped pendant and precious stones

silver ring with blue stones and black details

silver ring with precious stones

silver ring with precious stones and red stone

precious silver ring with blue stones

silver ring with precious stones and blue stone