MARCO DAL MASO only produces in Italy, safeguarding the cultural and historical heritage of jewellery-making. We believe that it is our duty to support the local artisan who has impeccable skill and vast knowledge of the long-standing jewellery trade.Working with the local community and sustaining small businesses is crucial in upholding our core values of sustainability.

Italian craftsmanship, daring creativity and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. That is why we are proud to have made the transition to manufacturing all of our jewellery with recycled Silver and 18kt Gold.

Recycling materials such as silver and gold cuts down CO₂emissions by 2/3 compared to mining these raw materials. MARCO DAL MASO uses 100% recycled silver and 18k gold and the finished look and quality of our items are identical to the materials that have been mined.

We are proud of the relationships we have created with our trusted partners around the world. We source our gemstones directly and only work with partners who can assure conflict-free materials and who do not contribute to ecological damage.

Human Resources is the heart of our business, therefore the wellness, growth and moral of our staff will continue to be respected and improved.We at MARCO DAL MASO are keen to ensure our employee thrive in a safe and work friendly environment where by freedom of expression and creativity is allowed to flow in abundance.We are also proud that 85% of the MARCO DAL MASO family is women.