The Muses Aonie, Zeus and Mnemosine’s daughters, are nine characters of the Greek mythology.

Their name derives from mount Elicona, where they lived. This mount is placed in a region called Beozia, where the Aoni lived, this is the reason why they are also called Aonie.

Aonie arise from the encounter/clash of two sisters, Paola and Consuelo Coti. The goal is to create a jewelry-accessory, a well-balanced dialogue between bijoux and jewelry. Aonie is a perfect union between fashion, femininity and tradition.

The aspects that create the difference between Aonie and the others are its focus on fashion, latest world’s trends and great care for details.

The ancient jewelry art remains, but it is revised in a contemporary vein; semiprecious materials and attentive Italian goldsmiths give Aonie the value that distinguishes it as a unique brand.

Essential Romanticism and a passion for vintage meet graphics and metals for an urban and contemporary twist, between contrast and balance. The result of this creative process is an evocative range of jewels that are dreamy but, at the same time, conceptual.

yellow earrings

yellow and green ring

blue bracelet with stone

bracelet with gray stones

necklace with red stones

blue earrings

necklace.with precious stone

ring with kiss

colorful earrings

ring with n

earrings with corals

ring with stones

earrings with corals

earrings with cameos

necklace with colorful corals

necklace with colorful stones