Linea Italia, a goldsmith company of the Loison family that has been involved in shaping Made in Italy jewelry for over thirty years, offers its creations in a strictly handmade formula.

Linea Italia stands out on the national and international market for the design and production of handmade jewelry declined in a Murano glass line (original and certified) and a modern and everlasting 925 silver collection.

Always in line with new trends, but maintaining the classic and timeless style, the production of Linea Italia consists of different models and best sellers and is constantly expanding. From hoop earrings to multi-strand necklaces.

Always careful to give the customer the best service, we have the Made In Italy certification and the 925 metal title, both issued by the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce.

The company successfully serve business customers all over the world from wholesalers to store chains and ecommerce, also using their IT systems.

An area entirely dedicated to the history of the company and mission is reserved on the website, along with photos of the collections, while on the social channels there is greater emphasis on jewelry and looks.

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