Roberto Demeglio is born into a family that has been in the jewelry industry since 1922.

A revolutionary designer and artist, who made freedom of expression his distinctive trait, Roberto Demeglio created his own company, which is today a solid and renowned reality, known globally for the unconventional nature of its creations.

Rewarded with several  prestigious international jewelry awards, Roberto Demeglio’ s collections are the outcome of the best Italian jewelry school, whose roots are deep into the highly-specialized productive community of Valenza.

File rouge of all his creations is to strive to make jewels that are fashionable and outstanding, without ever compromising on effortless comfort.

With an ongoing research of materials and engineering solutions, Roberto challenges himself with every new collection to break the limits of what was thought impossible.

He does it by always being true to his motto: “If you can dream it, you can do it” (Walt Disney).

set of pink, red and blue bracelets with precious stones

stack of black and white bracelets with precious stones

set of bracelets with precious stones

black and white bracelets with precious stones

black necklace with precious stones

golden with precious stones

jewelry with precious colored stones

set of bracelets with precious stones

set of rings with colored precious stones

golden jewels