Antonini Milano

The history of ANTONINI is also the history of Milan, an Italian city with a great jewelry-making tradition.

Founded in 1919, ANTONINI rapidly became the purveyor to the Milanese aristocracy, for whom the company designed extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces. Since then, ANTONINI has been creating timeless jewelry using top-quality craftsmanship and sophisticated designs.

Winner of the prestigious “Diamond International Award”, ANTONINI continues to bring its sought-after jewelry collections to clients around the world.

hand showing golden rings and golden bracelets

hand showing 4 golden and colored rings

hands showing golden rings, a golden bracelet and a golden pendant

hands showing golden rings and golden bracelet

two hands holding two golden rings and a golden pendant

hand with four big and green rings

mosaic rings and necklace with colored details

golden rings and golden and green long neclace