Garavelli has been well-known since the 1920s for its fine jewelry collections, expertly crafted in 18Kt gold, brilliant cut diamonds and gems of remarkable quality.

This design icon is eager to reinvigorate its legacy, imprinting it with the enthusiasm of its fourth generation by steadily bringing jewels to new heights of beauty and quality, while remaining faithful to the superior standards and technical prowess of their work.

Its versatile style allows growing numbers of prestigious retailers to offer its clientele a range of classic collections, as well as innovative new designs.

anello e bracciale garavelli 1920

anelli garavelli 1920

anelli garavelli 1920

anelli e bracciale garavelli 1920

bracciale, anello e collana garavelli 1920

anello e orecchino garavelli 1920

anello garavelli 1920

bracciale e anello garavelli 1920

bracciali garavelli 1920