Petra Creazioni is a brand of Artist Maria Grazia Vaccaro, who for several years has worked in the field of precious goods, maturing a marked manual dexterity. Passion that becomes more ‘focused thanks to the attendance of specializations achieved in her own region and at the Academy of Goldsmith Arts in Rome, the oldest workshop of Italian goldsmith art school founded in Rome and directed since 1983 by Artist Salvatore Gerardi. Maria Grazia opened the workshop with adjoining business in Potenza in 2018. Her production is distinguished by her ability to combine her own creations with the new needs of customers, who are looking for personalized and unique jewelry. It carries out the entire production cycle in-house, from designing on paper to making lost-wax molds. Among the various materials used are the processing of cameos and coral from Torre del Greco, natural pearls and the whole range of natural stones. Particular attention is paid to the setting of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. During these years, the Artist acquires the qualification of Professional Goldsmith specializing in Goldsmithing and Jewelry Making, Wax Micromodeling, lost-wax micropress casting, setting and gem-setting. The creations are made with the precious metals, gold, silver, bronze and brass, with the use of semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. The artist has presented some of his realizations in some regional exhibitions, including the one in Matera, “mother forge 2021.”