The jewels Maria e Luisa are in silver 925, handmade by Italian master goldsmiths with the use of engraving tools and without recurring to computer technology. The production cycle takes place entirely in Italy, for us a source of pride, honor and a guarantee of quality. Exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design and the highest quality materials are the guaranteed standards for the Maria e Luisa Jewels creations. The balance of details and the classic ornaments are found on the silver hand-chiseled surfaces with the ancient burin technique. Warm, mellow and malleable metals have their surfaces shaped and molded into unexpected profiles. Gold accompanies the purity of silver, natural stones warm up and enhance shapes in an enchantment of glare, lights and colors. Created within a context of art and beauty, Maria e Luisa jewels are a hymn to the distinctive Italian values against an international backdrop. The authenticity of Maria e Luisa jewels is given by the organic nature of the shapes, by imperfections, by the balance of the details with a harmonious design. Each jewel is unique and inimitable because it is worked with love and passion.