Descendants of an ancient family committed to trading coral, Lello Orlando and his brother Sandro started their business adventure in the late 1980’s taking over the family company in place of their father, Raimondo.

Benefiting from the collaboration of valuable master artisans, Lello Orlando Company always profited from fishing high quality coral from around the world by using very antique techniques that have been passed down for generations. This explains their motto, “The best cut for the best coral”.

There are a wide variety of shapes of coral, from classic cuts to more elaborated ones depending on the tastes and needs of the buyer, who’s always in search of the finest and high-quality coral.

Lello Orlando’s philosophy in the coral field is that nothing is unachievable.

The company is dedicated to fully carrying out productive projects through highly detailed working methods which collect and conserve pieces of coral that, when put together, create the completion of a very unique coral piece.

This method has rewarded the company throughout the years by making its laboratory famous and allowing them to create fantastic jewels of rare beauty.

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