Stella Srl is a family-owned jewelry manufacturing company established 70 years ago in Milan. In the past years, the company developed its brand name “Stella Milano – orefici dal 1952” which incorporates all the main company features: the family name, the world famous city of Milan, its expertise, and the year it was founded.

Stella Srl creates classical jewelry collections for everyday life, for working and leisure time. Classical means something that never goes way, which can be passed down from mother to daughter as a family heritage. Classic is a strong value.

In its manufacture, hands, thoughts, knowledge, and craftsmanship all play a fundamental role.
The motto is “we create bonds, not just jewelry”, which means that it is of primary importance to cultivate good relations among all those surrounding the company: they can be suppliers, employees, clients.

Stella Srl is interested in people and it puts a lot of effort into making everyone’s life a little better while working with them.

Its iconic brand collection is the “466MI” which represents its pictogram and its unique and distinguishing signature.

Thousands of women have enjoyed its distinguished jewels till now, but also many more will wear a Stella Milano jewel in the future.

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