Ellius was born from the passion and love for history and the territory. Each collection is a story, a perfect combination of creativity, craftsmanship and passion, revealed through unique pieces of jewelry, just like you.

The Ellius brand draws inspiration from the highlights that have made the world as we know it nowadays.
Through its creations, Ellius talks about history, the culture of the people and the architecture that makes every city unique and fascinating. Collections for women and men, designed to combine earthly love with the love for history and art. A story sublimated in jewels with attention to details, in sterling silver 925, ready to be worn at any time of the day.

Ellius jewels are not only precious objects. They represent a story that covers centuries and millenniums. These objects go beyond material meanings. They enclose deeper concepts, such as spiritual values that each person can recognize. This is the essence that pools together each collection, as well as the utmost attention to the aesthetics and to the quality of each jewel.