Antonino De Simone

Antonino De Simone

Antonino De Simone is a historic brand founded in 1830 and awarded in 2011 by UnionCamere in Rome as one of Italy’s 150 Historic businesses.

Since 1830 the business has passed down from father to son for 6 generations, its famous name, skills and secrets. Red Mediterranean coral is brought rough, processed and also exported all over the world. In its workshop 25 artisans specialized skilled master artisans produce coral beads, cabs, tubular and barrel shaped beads and also a line of finished coral jewelry, mounted with 18kt gold and diamond and also with 925 silver.

After the passing of CEO Antonino De Simone (1931‐2010), entrepreneur and patron of arts, the Company is run by the owner Annunziata Elena De Simone.

The absolute knowledge of rough material, the long experience of its creative staff and the competence of the owner, make all the difference and produce a wonderful and trustworthy jewel at a competitive price.

By focusing on high quality materials and production process, which takes place in its workshop and is checked step-by-step, the company can certify that all its final products are 100% Made in Italy.

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