K di Kuore
AR - Arezzo
BOOTH n. 810

The story of K di Kuore began in Florence, the cradle of the renaissance, in 1996. After two decades working in the fashion industry, Giuliano Giannini decided to establish the brand, sharing his vision with a group of fashion designers. The brand’s objective from the outset was to marry traditional techniques with the most innovative designs in order to create fashionable jewelry with traditional shapes and volumes: a contemporary cult. Each of K di Kuore’s creations is a story to be worn, to elicit emotion in the wearer: the brand has become synonymous with elegance and glamour.
Its entirely handcrafted workmanship is one of K di Kuore’s strengths. The company has always relied upon hand craftsmanship and each of its pieces is, in fact, unique.
K di Kuore’s jewelry is an example of contemporary 21st Century craftsmanship. The mastery of hand craftsmanship is the soul of the brand and is its most appreciated distinguishing characteristic, in the eyes of its customers. All its products are in 18-carat gold, with precious and semi-precious stones which have been ethically sourced through a Conflict Free supply chain. All of its jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee.

K di Kuore


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