The key strength of the Italian jewelry manufacturing system comes from its ability to excel in manufacturing of both high and low value-added products. Another great and internationally recognized advantage of the Italian Jewelry Industry is its unparalleled heritage, that could be interpreted as the natural evolution of a cultural artistic and industrial path. This path is rooted in the past and is enriched by strong values. Today, even the most technological Italian product, conceals a secret aesthetic soul.

The genius loci (the pervading spirit of a place) of the Italian goldsmith industry has a special and distinctive feature: the production is concentrated in several districts such as Valenza, Vicenza, Arezzo and Torre del Greco/Naples.

Within these production areas the contextual know-how (all the non-codified knowledge and skills that develop in a territory, whereby different companies and the relevant social relation coexist) benefits from constant enrichment.

Turnover: 7.05 billion Euro
Manufacturing companies: 7,364
Production direct workforce: 31,425
Export (HS 71): 17.6 billion USD (+13.6% over 2019)
Import (HS 71): 17.6 billion USD

The jewelry industry ranks among the first 10th most active trade balances for Italy and, among the Made in Italy fashion sector, is the most profitable industry.


87.6% of Italian jewelry production is exported worldwide: 47.4% to European countries, 14.4% to North America, 38.2% to the rest of the world. The US represents the third target market with a share of 8.9% of the total Italian export.


The total import of Made in Italy Jewelry (HS 71) in the US in 2020 has reached a value of 1.7 billion USD registering a consistent increase of 10.3% compared to the previous year. 


With reference to the code HS 7113 (articles of Jewelry) Italy is the second most important US supplier after India, with a market share of 12.8%.

US Jewelry Import - March 2021
US Jewelry Import 2018 - 2020


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