Founded in 1985 by master goldsmith Rosmundo Giarletta, who is still intimately involved in the production of each piece of jewelry, Rosmundo brings you jewelry imbued with a rich and royal heritage.

A family business based in the bright South of Italy, and London, Rosmundo is internationally renowned for handcrafted, exquisite jewelry, destined to be cherished throughout generations. Trusted by European royalty, fueled by creativity, colors and nature, Rosmundo forges exclusive handcrafted jewelry proudly made in its workshop in Italy.  

Every piece of Rosmundo's jewelry you wear reflects not only the light around it, but the passion, skill and artistry that is the hallmark of the finest Italian craftsmanship combined with the finest diamonds and gemstones from all over the world. The figurative  honey comb technique, developed by master goldsmith Rosmundo Giarletta himself, gives gold an incredible shine, like the sun which lavishes its light on Southern Italy and inspires many of our designs.  

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