Founded in Valenza, Italy in 1967, the brand name Picchiotti defines one-of-a-kind jewelry. The man named Giuseppe Picchiotti nurtured and fashioned this brand that earned him an international reputation for craftsmanship, quality and artistry. Picchiotti had a clear vision, from an early age, for creating the finest jewelry and today he’s known the world over as the premier jeweler of Italy.

Coming from a long line of distinguished physicians, Giuseppe Picchiotti had to break tradition to follow his dream. Against family wishes, at the age of 13, Giuseppe began working as a goldsmith. He apprenticed in a small workshop where world-renowned artists were perfecting their craft.

Giuseppe Picchiotti began his atelier with his sister, Annamaria who was, and still is, responsible for managing all administrative areas. This solid partnership allowed Giuseppe to concentrate on his beloved passions: designs and gemstones. Traveling the world in search of stones worthy of his designs has made him a true connoisseur, and even today working with color stones is a labor of love and passion.

The legendary family endeavor is precision-run by Picchiotti and seven family members, a charismatic multi-generational group that creates one-of-a-kind pieces and oversees every different aspect of the business. The Picchiotti story is a special one – uniting thrilling, unique fine jewelry designs with the extraordinary creators of these pieces: the family Picchiotti.

Family members include Giuseppe’s wife, Matilde, daughter, Maria Carola, his two sons, Filippo and Umberto, and his sister, Annamaria, as well as Giuseppe’s niece Francesca.

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