Patrizia Corvaglia Jewelry and Art

Patrizia Corvaglia Jewelry and Art

Designer, sculptress and art teachers, Patrizia Corvaglia was born in Zurich, but her artistic sense was shaped and refined while living in Rome. Her primary interest has always been the search for the perfect shape that conveys the highest level of elegance.

The brand aims at giving life to pieces that become daily companions, expression of way of being and communicating. The metal is transformed into a unique work that showcases sensuality, elegance and contemporaneity.

The constant search for the perfect shape leads to combining precious metals with uncut stones and unusual materials which, in turn, creates the perfect harmony between all the assembled elements. The single piece, conceived as a precious jewel, gives way to the interpretation of the jewel as an object of communication ready to send signal of uniqueness.

The precious metal becomes the extension of the natural beauty of uncut stones in an always perfect, always balanced dialogue. In this way, jewelry becomes the synthesis of the persona who wears it.

This is what Patrizia Corvaglia sees as the Art of Jewelry.

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