By Simon Italy

By Simon Italy

BYSIMON Enjoy Luxury was born in Naples in 1970 from Franco Simeone’s idea. While everybody was only selling gold jewelry, he decided to look for a different metal that would give people the value and the prestige of a precious metal but, at the same time, could be affordable to all.

For this reason, he started to be consider a real pathfinder for utilizing Silver as an extremely versatile material in jewelry production. 50 years of designing, developing, refining jewelry and lifestyle accessory collections is its simple story.

Its team of unique individuals, pools its talents to consciously co-create objects of beauty, quality and desire. Therefore, BYS jewels springs up from high tech design and the Made in Italy handicraft imprint.

BySimon specializes in supporting creative entities throughout all steps of jewelry creation, from the first conceptual sketches, along the path of prototyping, refining, production, finishing, all the way to quality control and presentation.

Its staff carefully chooses raw materials and ensures high performance standards of production.

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