Anna Barola Italian Jewels

Anna Barola Italian Jewels

Anna Barola is the founder of a jewelry brand, born and manifactured in the green heart of Italy, UMBRIA.
The main feature of its production is the precious pearl, named FUSERUOLA.

Fuseruola is a ceramic pearl rich of history, that was used in ancient times as a counterweight for the spindle, to obtain a more uniform yarn; then in the Middle Ages it became a pledge of love and was used as a gift for the bride. It enriched house goods and it was embellished itself with beautiful miniatures.
Anna decided to renew these precious spheres that became protagonist of her jewelry. Anna and her team take care of all the production phases of the jewelry, starting from the clay modeling, the painting until the jewelry design. Anna Barola is a female family company rapidly growing, now exporting not only the famous ITALIAN STYLE, but an INNOVATIVE CONCEPT.

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